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Rose Parade 2014

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Please read below to make sure this event is suited for your troop and you!!

After years of dealing with leaders with unrealistic expectations we have put in place this information so YOU will know what to expect when making your decision whether to participate or not in the Rose Parade Float Decorating.

We need you to understand the sheer scale of the event. We help to service over 3,000 people from 300+ troops from multiple councils over 12 different days, with over 250+ people decorating per shift. We also handle all of Fiesta Parade Float's requirements. 

This is a VERY time consuming volunteer job. We need your cooperation to make it run smoothly so as to ensure everyone has a good time, including us!! The process is a HUGE undertaking so we ask you for YOUR most tolerant and charitable consideration!

A bad attitude from you or your troop or any other participants you bring - will get you removed from decorating (dry or floral) ...  and possibly asked NOT to return!

Upon registering your troop/group you are in agreement to this information stated below.

Concerning Registration:

  1. Register via on-line registration form.
  2. You need to check your e-mail on a regular basis for further communication (i.e. waitlist info, confirmation, shift changes, forms, etc.)
  3. When communicating (call, text, or e-mail) with us include your troop number AND your council (CCC, GLA, OC, SG, SDI) - following this procedure ensures you a faster reply!
  4. Communication is critical, if your number of participants change, you need to let us know ASAP - DO NOT add any participants without our approval.
  5. After December 25th we have no e-mail access - no response can be given. Call or text to the cell phone number provided upon registration.
  6. DO respect our family time - call or text between 9am & 9pm any day of the week.
  7. DO NOT call or text on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day. 

Concerning Your Decorating Day (Dry & Floral):

  1. YOUR attitude as the leader is supremely important. If you handle change with grace & a smile - and deal creatively with disappointment - and are willing to turn situations into learning experiences for your girls, YOU are most welcome!
  2. However, if you or your troop are easily offended or get upset - be AWARE that this event may not be for you!
  3. YOU are NOT guaranteed a job! Because of the nature of the work, there could be periods of no work - which involves waiting around for 3 hours or more - there is nothing we can do about it. It is out of our control if music testing, engine trouble, or re-design has halted decorating. Those who wait patiently and are helpful with cleaning up - are more likely to get a job! 
  4. Occaisionally, troops have been sent home because of the lack of work to be done.
  5. Whining & complaining to a Fiesta Floats Supervisor(s) or to us about a lack of work OR a job you are doing - will have you being asked to leave. However, if you are having a difficult time with your job - ask for help!
  6. If you worked a dry-dec day, and there is no work to be done, or if every job is filled already, with all the experience and dry-dec day(s) in the world still can't create something to do.
  7. If the Fiesta Parade Floats or Girl Scout Supervisors deems your work unsuitable you will be re-assigned to a job that is better tailored to your skill set. DO NOT take it personally! Keep in mind this is a real world job & the end product is most important!
  8. If a Fiesta Parade Floats Supervisor asks you back "at any time" - you can IF they give you a pass .... Otherwise!! YOU MUST adhere to the Girl Scout scheduling! Check In with Girl Scout supervisors - to see if there's availability before you leave for the day!
  9. During FLORAL DEC - YOUR troop is NOT guaranteed work ON A FLOAT! Sometimes the only place we need people is in Flower Prep - so smile & cut flowers as directed. 
  10. Inform yourself by knowing what floats we are working on:
    1. Look at the renderings on this website.
    2. Sign up with the right Girl Scout group when you arrive. Some of the vendor groups also have Girl Scouts signed up with them - if you signed up accidently with the wrong group (through them) - your troop doesn't get paid.
    3. Even if you aren't a Girl Scout, for the day(s) you decorate, you are! Be sure to act like one!
  11. You MUST clean up before you leave - "A Girl Scout always leaves a place cleaner than she found it."
  12. IF YOU CAN'T BE ON TIME - BE EARLY! Arrive 30 minutes early - WE MEAN IT! If you habitually run late - make adjustments! We need to know how many people we actually have to work with - in case changes have to be made. YOUR lateness causes other troops to wait as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We do hope the truthful straight-up nature of these words help you to make an informed decision as to whether or not your troop participates. We truly hope that every participant has the best time possible. 

Bring patience, understanding, and respect for everyone!

Be flexible!

This can be a truly be a positive and memorable opportunity. 

We look forward to seeing you!!